Thai Relaxation Massage

At Infinity Clinic, we offer the best thai relaxation massage with your choice of oil or aroma therapy. Our massage therapist is fully trained  with over 4 years experience in massage therapy.

Massage therapy helps the body to relax by focusing on different muscles of the body. Many types of massage use healing elements and special oils which nurture the body and helps in removing toxins. It is a practice of rubbing and kneading the body with the use of hands. A massage therapist applies gentle or strong pressure to the body muscles and joints to release tension and ease the pain. A massage therapist requires special training and a degree to perform massages professional and can learn different types of therapies to offer additional benefits. Here are some types of massages that one can try to improve their body health.

Treatment & Pricing

Oil/Aroma - 30 mins


Oil/Aroma - 45 mins


Oil/Aroma - 60 mins


Oil/Aroma - 90 mins