Micro-needling (Collagen induction therapy) is an advanced skin treatment involving Micro needles that penetrates your skin on different levels, and creates micro injuries to the skin. This kick-starts your body into repair-mode, triggering the production of collagen and elastin. More collagen and elastin means smoother, more refined, tighter skin.

For Face & Neck this treatment include:



3.Micro-needling + Enzyme Solution

4.Cooling Mask + LED Light therapy

5.Boost + Protect

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Our solution contains the activators extracted from phylogenetic placenta and peas. It builds skin protection layers. It softens dry and rough skin. Also, it is a concentrated ampoule in the capsule of the multi-layer liposome.It can penetrate deep into the skin and absorbs fast. it firms your skin effectively and quickly.

  • This professional grade solution revitalizes skin and restores bright, crystal-clear skin tone and elastic skin condition by the soothing effect exerted by Liquorice and Purslane Extracts.
  • Enzyme solution technology stimulates cell regrowth.
  • Multi-layer liposome formula penetrates deeply to soften rough, dry skin.

Q & A

Who is suitable for this treatment?

All Skin types

How many sessions are recommended?

3-4 sessions. For scars 3-6 sessions 

Does it hurt?

Mild Discomfort. Numbing cream will be applied


No downtime

Treatment interval

4 weeks