Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Reduction Treatment


  • Does it hurt to get your hair removed by Laser Hair Reduction treatment?

One of the crucial reasons why people prefer Laser Hair Reduction treatment over waxing, shaving and other age-old methods is that it is painless. Precautions to make it more painless like application of ointment to make the process painless and cooling the skin after the procedure improves it further. Slight sensations incurred during the procedure also lessen within sometime making the entire process painless and comfortable.

  • Is Laser Hair Reduction Treatment safe?

Yes, the entire treatment is safe when performed by qualified and skilled professionals with proper, specific and government approved equipment. 

  • What is the procedure of the treatment?

A broad spectrum of light having appropriate frequency is targeted on the skin area. The hair follicles in this patch of the skin are heated and destroyed by the light which penetrates into the skin. Hence, it leaves the skin unharmed while also removing the hair from the very inside which reduces and then eliminates the chances of re-growth of hair.

  • How much does laser hair removal cost?

The pricing for the laser hair removal treatment is based on the area of skin which is treated. If the area is larger, it will be costlier and vice versa. But the overall rates of the laser hair removal treatment are more than the traditional methods like waxing and others. You can find our detailed price list at

  • Does our hair permanently disappear after the Laser Hair Treatment?

Since the hairs are not of the same size in any given patch of skin, all the hairs are not removed in one go. It takes repeated sessions for all the hairs to get removed. But once done they are removed off permanently. Hence, you can be assured that after each session of hair removal you will require even fewer sessions.

  • Are there any prerequisites for laser hair removal treatment?

There are two crucial things to be done before and during the laser hair removal treatment. First is that you need to apply sunscreen throughout the treatment. This will prevent burning sensation and hypersensitivity when you step out in the sun. Secondly, you need to stop waxing; plucking and threading your hairs from the skin patch you are supposed to get treated because if you do so your skin might be subject to burning sensations and pigmentation. You also need to shave 12-24 hours in advance before the treatment for best results. 

  • On which body parts can Laser Hair Removal Treatment effectively remove hair?

While it is true that Laser Hair Treatment works for all body parts, most people prefer it for hair removal on face, legs, bikini-area, underarms, and back. Thus, it is suitable for both men and women.

  • Are there any side effects of Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Majorly, there should not be any side effects when the Laser Hair removal treatment is done by professionals. But your skin can be susceptible to redness, swelling and burning sensations. Applying ointments, ice and aloe-vera gel can help you soothe the irritation. 

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